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Morning all


i am the chair of committee run pre-school


I am looking to improving (putting in place) our staff development plans.


I am trying to get the staff to see that development doesn't mean expensive courses it can be reading, mentoring, and on job training etc


can anyone point me in the direction of some good free/cheap magazines, websites which i can use as a basis to create some documents for them.





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You can subscribe to nursery world magazine and they send email alert with headlines. But some of the stuff about good practice you do have to pay a subscription for. It is a good magazine with easy to read articles, posters and tips.


I subscribe to a magazine called Early Years Educator (EYE) I think it is a little more indepth than Nursery World but that is my opinion.


If your local authority subscribes to this forum then all staff can access it for free so check that our.

the Website below is holds a lot of info. If you go into it it will give you links to lots of others.



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