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Hi for us it's recommendation everytime. The setting has been up and running since 1968, so it's a well established provision in our local community.

Maybe you could highlight your great advantages in a flyer to distribute in the local area. Such as a wonderful outdoor space, high staff ratios, think about your provisions selling points.

Hope this helps. :)

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A lot of ours is word of mouth recommendations from the surestart centre staff or from professionals that have worked with us previously.

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Hello Angela,

Firstly I love your profile picture :1b

My experience is as above - verbal recommendations and our reputation. We are a small preschool competing against 2 nurseries and 1 preschool who all have large intakes. This has not affect us so far as we can offer something unique: we are flexible with sessions, offer full days for over 3 and have a small staff:child ratio which is important to lots of parents.

Having said that this year we are trialling an open day event. We are welcoming children and parents from toddler groups along and any parents from the community to find out about us. We have done posters and flyers for this event and its been a team effort so its not just the responsibility of one person.

I plan to have the room and outside environment set up as a normal session, but will have an example snack station, visits to our special garden area and all staff on hand to get to know the families and answer questions. There will be displays about example experiences we offer and the introduction of the EYFS. I feel this event will also help our bonding as a team because we do work well together but sometimes its good to all be in at the same time working on the same thing.

We also have a website which some enquires come from. We are registered to take 2 year old funded children and have our local offer promoted by the LA - this helps too.

I always try to remember when there's an enquiry for a place I ask how they heard about us and quite often its from a friend of a friend.

Could your existing parents do anything to support the marketing of your setting or is there an area of excellence that you want to establish then promote?

Good luck and do let us know what you decide to do and how it all goes.

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We bought a banner a few years ago and within the first 6 weeks it bought in two funded children so paid for itself quite quickly.

We put flyers in GP surgerys, library, shops, community halls, etc but mostly its word of mouth.

Our local toddler group also promote us and there was a time when I used to pop in to chat to the parents, tell them about us and invite them to come for a visit to see what we do.

I also think this year is a low birth year in our area, we're normally pretty full at this time of year but after easter we'll only have 35 on our register. Highs and lows :(

Good luck getting people through the door :D

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In addition to all above, we use our main feeder school. We send little flyers to every child in the school advertising our open day, we bundle them up into 30's to not put pressure on school staff.

Used to do this at over 15 schools around our region when I ran a holiday club, not many schools said no x

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Hello again everyone.

Thank you so much for all your very helpful suggestions.

They are all a great help and I have enjoyed reading your comments.


We have been distributing leaflets and have had around 50 parents visit since January.


We are only getting around 40% sign up and it falls to me to lift that figure.


I am still wondering how one defines where to begin my task but I shall as you Fredbear have said and extol our great assets.


Our parents have and do recommend; there is an incentive reward in place for that too.

Having another think now


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