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Hi , we're a new pre school and I was wondering if anybody would be willing to share a staff complaint template policy?


Also I was wondering obviously when staff join they are put on a probationary period , in this period do we (or the staff member ) have to give a certain period of notice? I was just wondering how it would work if you took a staff member on a trial period but it'd be tricky with ratio's if one do they just decided they didn't like their job!


Any advice would be great fully received!!

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do you belong to the preschool learning alliance - we use their policies which are really good.

if not i am sure if you googled something would come up about this.

re the probationary period - our new staff are put on six months probationary period due to all the holidays we found this a good period of time for both parties.

our assistant practitioners on probation only have to give one weeks notice but then likewise we only have to give one week notice to them too - although we did just pay a new lady a week wages without working her notice as she was so awful = nothing like her interview.

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no help with the policy,

but the probation notice should be in a written contract when the person starts and can be different for the employer ans employee if you want.. husband had one that was 2 weeks notice for him but 1 week for them..

but you also have to consider how it can affect the setting having someone there who doesn't want to be.. how useful they would be. , chances are they would walk anyway and not return.. had staff do that , nothing you can do about it..

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