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Hi all

For the next few weeks we have decided to do a topic based on the different countries of the world. This is based on the children's interests of maps, globes and planes! We thought about focussing on one country for each full day that we open (3 per week).

Do you think that will be too many to cover over 3 weeks?

Has anyone done this before with pre-school age children and got any top tips?

We thought we could talk about how people live in different countries, the weather, the food etc.

We are planning to make a topic book with the children to put in our reading corner.

Any advice would be most welcomed :1b

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do you have any children from other countries - poland, china etc - would be nice to discover their country - invite parents in to chat, bring in resources from their home country - even introduce words from their country and some foods/fruits?

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We have done this many times, but tend to stick to one country over a period of time. We have included, distance, weather, animals, habitats, foods, clothing, artefacts, music, similarities and differences, festivals and significant events special to that country, books, posters and language spoken. Not sure how deep you wanted to go with each one, but there is lots to discover.

Have fun. :)

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