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We have introduced a water only rule into Playgroup this week. Lots of Mum's have complained but I have explained that it's following Ofsted guidelines and it is a rule of school where they will go up anyway in Sept. Today the y have come in with juice again, what do I do?

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We put it to our parents ages ago about only providing water or milk, they were against it so we follow their wishes and provide weak orange or black current squash too.

I do see the point of the healthy eating/drinking debate but I also see it from a parents point of view. We always seem to be telling parents that they're doing it wrong and someone else knows better. As a parent it used to get me really cross!

We can educate them but I dont think we should keep over ruling them. If a child really wont drink water because they're not used to it, should we let them go thirsty or give them squash?

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We give weak orange squash too Rea, or milk or water. Personally I think a child having weak squash is preferable to a dehydrated child. Obviously it's parental wishes as to what they want their child to drink but water, milk or orange are the only choices. We provide all drinks, that way don't get them bringing in ridiculously strong drinks or fruit shoots etc! Works for us so not planning on changing it until forced to!!!

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We swapped from squash to just milk or water a number of years ago now and have never had any problems.

As part of our chat with parents when children first start we ask which would they prefer milk or water and some parents will say they don't drink either but when children see there really is no other choice at snack time they do all choose - they mainly choose water probably because it's closer to the squash they usually have at home.

We are only open 3 hours so if a child doesn't drink then we don't stress just inform whoever picks up they've not had a drink but that rarely happens.

We do let children drink whatever has been supplied as part of a lunch box - unless of course a fizzy can of pop but then that's never happened ... yet! :D

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