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I teach mixed Nursery / Reception in the morning and pure reception in the afternoon.


I have half of the reception children with me in the morning where I have to teach maths first then RWi second (timetabled for the whole school).


What i find most difficult is teaching the maths on the carpet aimed at the right level as I have children just turned 3 and then children who are 5 and ready to be stretched.


At the moment I send the younger Nursery with NN/TA to the smaller room for number rhymes etc... after register, I then do some number rhymes / mental maths with older nursery and reception. What i then find difficult is when i need to teach reception the new concepts etc as nursery are not ready these concepts.


Any advice??

Em :unsure:

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I have used a 'peel off' system in the past so that the session starts with everyone, N1 peel off first and go to 'choose' while I work with N2 and R, then N2 'peel off', leaving me with just R for a further few minutes. As you have two rooms I guess I'd base myself in the smaller one and children go to the bigger one with Nnurse as they 'peel off'.

Now I teach just Year R but still introduce concepts to a wide range of abilities - so now I have one (brief - 10 mins max.) session with everyone there singing, rhymes, saying numbers in order etc., then I work with groups of children (in ability groups) and introduce/reinforce new concepts in this group time.

Tricky with your wide range.

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