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does food temp need to be recorded


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Hi all,

hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year!

I just want to know what temperature is needed to be recorded in the kitchen, is it lunchtimes and teatimes or is it only meals containing meat?

thanks in advance!

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You really only need to record temp for foods containing meat as these are the most risky .

It is advised not to reheat food especially if not cooked on premises as you gave no knowledge of how many times it has been reheated. We don't allow any foods that need reheating.

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Guest sn0wdr0p

In my nursery we recorded everything as a check to ensure food was safely cooked and to show the EHO that we were cooking food safely and it would also be useful if there was an outbreak of food poisoning and you were investigated. Have you done your food safety qualification as this would be covered in the training?

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