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I was just reading 'Infection Control' by Public Health England that Wildflowers kindly posted and regarding nappies it states:

Always segregate domestic and clinical waste, in accordance with local policy. Used nappies/pads, gloves, aprons and soiled dressings should be stored in correct clinical waste bags in foot-operated bins. All clinical waste must be removed by a registered waste contractor. All clinical waste bags should be less than two-thirds full and stored in a dedicated, secure area while awaiting collection.

We are in a Village Hall and we put the nappies in a sealed bag into the skip and it is emptied by the council. Is a registered waste contractor a fancy word for the bin man?

What do you do with your nappies please?

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Our EHO is also more than happy with us disposing in the council bins. But I suppose you need to check with your own EHO/LA as to what that say is acceptable.

At the end of the day our weekly nappy waste is far less than the average family with 2 children in nappies and this is what the EHO based her recommendations on. I guess if you are full day-care or take a lot of babies the outcome would be different.

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