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Space requirements help please?


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Morning all,

Ok so I have been asked by our committee to have a measure up of the preschool and check our space requirements to see if we could increase our intake per session. Obviously in the past this was something we submitted to OFSTED and they would just come back and tell us how many children we could take. This is currently 29 children per session.

Now maths is not my strong point but my calculations are saying that we could take 47 children! I'm pretty sure I must be doing something wrong.

Our room is a rectangle measuring 14.85m x 9.43m. We have an office space measuring 3.7m x 5.68m that cannot be counted. Would anyone be kind enough the help me work this out so I can check my calculations?!

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Tinkerbell


Our room is similar size and we take upto 45 children per session

That's good to know thank you. Can I ask how many toilets and sinks you have? I know it is no longer a requirement to have a particular number of sinks and toilets with the revisions to the welfare requirements but just wondered what other settings do.

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Our hall is about your size and we could take about 46 but we only take this amount in the summer term when the weather is suitable for the children to have free flow all day. In the summer on the rare

occasions that we cannot go outside our setting changes from a calm relaxed setting to a very noisy one.

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We have 3 child size toilets and sinks in a bathroom adjoining playroom and 4 toilets and hand basins along a short corridor. Even when we at our max in summer we never have had to use these ones. yes you have to take off large furniture. We have some large tables but children use them as dens. Furniture is probably a grey area because we never have taken off portable trolleys etc that we wheel out every day.

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