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Please could you all tell me what your daily timetable looks like please? I am looking to shake things up a bit. Do you have separate circle times for the 2 year olds?



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9am arrival - free play , parent chat

9.30 ish - formal register and chatterbox

10- 10.30 - rolling / group snack

Free play

11.30 - key group time or adult led activity - for example sticky kids / parachute , children then split into age groups younger and older


This is all subject to change depending on our day

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Similar to Lashes I think. We have self registration and independent play for around 30-45 mins then short LC / phase 1 phonic input, then open snack bar and more play, outdoors for 30-45 mins depending on how cold everyone gets. Last 15 mins whole group time. Focus activities and interaction / SST go on throughout session.


Speaking of outside, is everyone still going out? I'm getting a lot of complaints from my staff that it's too cold.

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Children arrive and self register at 9.00 am, parents can chat to key persons or supervisor. The children can choose a book to take home and share from our book club. Free play, snack in key groups from 9.45 to 11.00 am. Mainly child led with one Adult led activity. both indoors and outdoors is available from approximately 9.30/9.45 until 11.30 am daily. Then at 11.30 tidy up time and coming together for story time,singing,dancing.

At 12.00 pm some children go onto lunch club, remaining children go home.


Our large hall is zoned into areas, such as role play, book area, mark making, small world, mathematics area, play dough table, creative table, large physical.


Your question of do our children go out in the cold weather then generally yes, as long as they have the appropriate clothing on.

They may not however choose to stay out for so long.

From January after identifying some children needing SL support we shall be taking some small groups out for fun language focused play sessions, they last 10 mins maximum.

Hope this helps

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