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I'm looking for some inspiration for our Spring 1 theme.

In my school, we are expected to have a named predetermined theme but in FS we keep it very broad and then do a Mindmap with the children to decide how they would like to approach the theme (e.g. this term it has been 'Magic and Sparkle' and the children have decided to learn about dragons, fairies, witches etc). It is an overarching theme and other mini-themes go on underneath as necessary for individuals.

However, I have never 'settled' on my Spring 1 theme. We usually do 'winter' but feel that I should tag something else to this as it can get limited. Last year, we tried 'clothes' which sort of worked but I don't feel very inspired by it this year.

Any ideas. I'm thinking maybe 'It's cold' or something where we can extend it into Polar animals etc but don't want to dictate too much what the children will learn about.

Thanks for your help,

Green Hippo x

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Spring 1 do you mean the first half term? How about setting up bird watching making bird food etc and doing the RSPB Big Bird Watch. Might be able to stretch this to looking after their own pets, pet visits? (Risky, but lovely, could restrict to caged pets only!)

We have a great time with Chinese New Year.

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Hi not sure how many children will have seen the Paddington Bear movie, but it could be a great starting point for a theme.

Telling a Paddington story:

Travel, journeys, trains, manners, tags for writing, clothing, countries, tasting marmalade (or could you make some). Or make bread to have with marmalade. Doing right or wrong, something Paddington likes to do is to get it right.

I'm sure there is much much more with this.

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what about hot/cold - animals that live in those climates - looking at their different colours- why they are these colours - match their environment - ice, melting/thawing - how we do this - animals in ice - rescue them?

talk about hot/cold weather - the sun - look at the sky - could move onto space, rockets?

making ice- the changes it goes through from water to ice.

ice with water - arctic scenes.

hot - how do we get hot - exercise - foods that are hot /spicy and cold -when we eat these /why?

hot - dangers of touching hot things

not sure if this is what you want x

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