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'Beaten' by a 3 year old


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Today a little boy said "Mrs L, will you play noughts and crosses with me?" I did and he won - fairly and squarely. I have kept the game (he drew the lines and marked his 'X' before I had even sat down) and will put it in his LJ - but am not sure how to assess this (we have played the game before, outdoors on the chalkboards) - is this M: SSM?

Any thoughts?


And another 'problem'! Same little boy, 'conducting' a survey to find out what size shoes his friends have. One shoe had a number on the tongue, a number on the inside sole and a number on the bottom. I pointed this out and said "Three numbers!"

"No" said the little boy, pointing at the other shoe - "Six, because three and three make six". I would now like to link this to the CofEL 'Thinking' - but which statement?!

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Ooh a budding mathematician and problem solver you have there DevonMaid

For the learning demonstrated as you describe I would venture to suggest that there is evidence of

C&L Speaking e.g., Listens and responds to ideas expressed by others in conversation or discussion

C&L Understanding e.g., Uses talk to organise, sequence and clarify thinking, ideas, feelings and events
Physical Dev. Moving and Handling e.g., Begins to use anticlockwise movement and retrace vertical lines
Mathematics Numbers e.g. Begins to identify own mathematical problems based on own interests and fascinations.
As for CofEL these activities show at least one statement from each of the Playing and Learning characteristics as well as statements from Being Involved and Enjoying and Achieving from Active Learning and at least one statement from each of the Creating and Thinking Critically.
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