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Children in need 2014


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Its that time of year again, I know we all seem quite exhausted this year, but we can't let the evening pass without something can we?


So, Ill be in chat from about 8. Lets see how many of us can get in there. You never know there might even be some spot prizes, though Im not telling what the criteria will be (mainly cos I dont actually know!)

I will also be starting some nonsense word thread, called 'add, remove or change'. I have spent literally days hours minutes pawing over the keyboard, tea in hand, wracking my brain trying to come up with some ingenious, novel and unusual idea But after much little thought, I came up with this fabulous idea.



Why not just make it up on the night!


Still let not forget why we do all this stuff. Please donate to children in need here



See you later! Please pop along to the threads and the chat!

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