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Staff and parent conflict


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It seems to be a personal dislike rather than something that has caused it.


Think it's a clash of personalities but both speak there mind which doesn't help.


Today was because the parent was upset at the way something had been worded in the newsletter. Personally I would have apologised for it coming across that way and I explained it in more detail. Staff nemeber (co manager) didn't want to back down. Parent left upset and later voiced her concerns to other parents. This as then fed back to us and staff member lost it once parent left.


No idea where to Start as hate confrontations but it needs addressed but staff member is very opinionated and have a feeling it's going to result in one of us walking.

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I agree with Beau that professionalism is a requirement, but it is tricky to get someone to recognise when they've crossed a line.

Any way you can put a buffer between them - maybe the child's keyworker as first port of call for the parent, rather than senior member of staff?

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From your other post, it seems that it may not be that simple but could you try appealing to her business sense, the parents are the ones who pay for your services after all. If you came at it from a customer is right angle would this allow her to back down without losing face?


Good luck. Sending positive vibes your way.

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