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Since all funding has been pulled from under us and the local authority system has taken a major impact from this I have been thinking of setting up a small area meeting for managers or area leaders etc, as we use to have these once per term run by the LA and as a setting we are very keen on supporting others and also learning from others. I attended our local schools moderation meetings and viewed their format and would like something similar - discussing issues, areas of learning comparing practice. My consultant was going to help me set this up but then because we have a good rating we now get no assistance whatsoever from the LA. My question to you all is if I invited you to a local cluster meeting (once per term) what would you like to be on the agenda? and would you find working together like this beneficial?

Thank you :D


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We have a few of these in our LA, one which I used to lead but as you have said, am no longer able to, so the settings run themselves.

We worked out who to invite and asked them along, we moved the venue each time to the settings, most were able to host one per year. We discussed what they wanted from the group, and wrote these up as a terms of reference. (eg respecting confidentiality). Then each time we met, they agreed what they wanted to do at the next session. We covered a whole range of things from safer recruitment to learning diaries to continuous provision to parent workshops.

If the group is a fair size, you do sort of need someone to lead, perhaps by sending out invitations to others, unless you also take turns in doing that to share the workload.

They can take a while to 'gel' as a group especially if you have a variety of different types of provider and very different personalities, but its a very good way to get peer to peer support.


Good luck with your venture, let us know how it goes.

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We have an EY cluster and all staff are invited, our TA's have really embrased this and look forward to going. It is also a chance to look around other settings and share ideas. We have a focus for each one, the next being the Outdoor Environment. At each cluster, we choose the focus the next meeting.

Hope this helps!


J x

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Thank you for the replies! Yes think I'm going to start small, very small don't want to end up running a big thing probably best to plant a seed and see if it grows. I'm glad others find this a useful format, I do miss our LA ones slightly scary organising it but you don't know unless you try. Thanks x

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