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PD: Use simple tools to effect changes ...


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This could be as simple as sand dry, water, difference.

Jelly, water, change.

Cornflour, water,

Different colour paints, water mix, change.

Clay wet, air dry or kiln.

Water, ice cube tray, freezer, change.

Making playdough, flour, salt, cream of tartar, liquid, mix, change.

Earth, water, mix.

There are endless possibilities.

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Well, if I think of the tools at the children's disposal - magnets - they use these to "fish" with we tie huge horseshoe magnets on string and they lower them over the side of the climbing frame to fish for numbers etc. They have magnifiers of all types, so they can see the differences in objects. They have hammers and real nails and soft wood, they have torches, we make dens with them, or turn out the lights on darker mornings and go looking for numbers or letters we have made using glow in the dark paint. Salad spinners for making fab paintings, all the playdough tools, extruders, pizza cutters, plastic scissors etc. seeing who can make the longest extruded piece of dough etc., we have scissors and glue spreaders, textured rollers for sand, sand combs for making patterns. We have tweezers for moving things to sort into dishes, similarly they have tongs in the kitchen or wherever they end up!, Different types of hole punches, and keys and padlocks to sort and find which key fits which lock.

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I think the key to this lies in EAD:

Manipulates materials to achieve a planned effect.

• Uses simple tools and techniques competently and appropriately.

• Selects tools and techniques needed to shape, assemble and join materials they are using.

Both these and the PD skills are in the 40 - 60 band. The Physical skill is being able to use the tools to shape materials, whilst EAD gives us the purpose for doing so.


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