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Hi there teachingacrossthepond, welcome to the forum. Are you really 'across the pond'?

Is there any particular part of leadership you have concerns about (eg is it practice, or managing others, or just a bit of everything?)

My advice would be to get to know your team, especially if you are in a new place rather than promoted in a place you are already familiar. Get to know the people you are managing, the children, the way things work. Dont make sweeping changes too quickly (unless there are major welfare concerns, or particularly poor practice).

Listen lots, hear their views about the setting and how they would like it to move forward.

Good luck with it, do come back and tell us more about your new role.

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Hi everybody, sorry for the late reply! I thought that I would receive an email when I got a reply so did not come back to check! Thank you for all your answers so far! It's nice to have people to ask for advice! I am from Ireland so I guess I am teaching across the pond from home!

I think mundia that I am just not sure really where to start like what should I be doing already but I think you are all right about taking time to just listen and take opinions and go from there. I am a little worried about managing others too as I have never had to do that before but I suppose that just comes in time!! I have worked in Reception for a year already so I do know the team which is lucky and I have got a good support system. :rolleyes: What kinds of issues do you have in your areas that you are looking to improve?

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