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I am trying now to stay one step ( at least!) ahead of the O squad. Does anyone have a buildings risk assessment ( indoors and outside) that O thought was brilliant?? And if so, would you mind sharing it?? I think ours is goood, but I want to use fresh eyes on things, I want to be ready for them when they return! Thank you

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Ours are just standard and she didn't comment either way.

I have been thinking about how to bring in the idea of impact on the children's learning and development to all paperwork though. For some reason (now sadly lost in my failing memory) I decided that was what O were now looking for in everything.

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This is from our Maintaining Children's safety policy Unauthorised Entry

Whilst precautions are taken to prevent and deter unauthorised entry to the setting we recognise that we must have in place procedures to deal with incidents when an intruder or group of intruders attempt to gain entry whilst the setting is in session or when an adult individual or group of adults exhibit aggressive behaviour whilst in the setting.

§ Preventative measures to prevent unauthorised entry to the premises include ensuring that the main entrance external doors are locked and alarmed, that the kitchen door is securely shut and that the playground gate is locked and bolted.

§ Setting staff will not put children at risk and will endeavour to remain calm and professional.


§ Intruder(s) attempting access via the main entrance:

o On hearing the doorbell a member of staff will go to the main entrance ensuring that the hall doors are closed.

o Unlock the door to determine the identity of the visitor(s).

o In the event that the visitor(s) is/are not recognised or is/are not anticipated and staff have reason to be suspicious request that photo ID is/are shown.

o If satisfied that the visitor(s) is/are legitimate unlock the door and let them in.

o Have the visitor(s) sign in the visitors’ log book.

o Or

o If unsure about the visitor(s) and the reason for their visit or are unsure of their ID(s) leave the door locked and call for a member of the senior management team.

o A member of the senior management team will make the final decision to either permit the visitor(s) entry or call the police for advice.

§ Intruder(s) attempting access via the playground

o On seeing any person attempting to gain access to the setting via the playground call for help and remove all children from the playground; ushering them into the hall.

o Lock the door as you enter and slam shut to prevent access.

o Call the police immediately.

§ Adult(s) or young people becoming aggressive whilst on the premises

o Under no circumstances will aggressive behaviour from adults or young people be tolerated towards members of staff, children or their parents and carers. In the event that aggressive behaviour is exhibited by either an individual or a group of adults or young people the following steps will be taken:

§ Individual children or groups of children will be removed from the immediate situation by members of staff.

§ A member of the senior management team will advise the aggressor(s) that their behaviour is not welcome in the setting and will request that they leave the premises and grounds.

§ In the event that the aggressor(s) refuse to leave the premises and grounds a member of the senior management team will authorise either the lock down of the premises or evacuation of children and staff from the premises and call the police.

We also have a what to do guide in the event of a bomb threat and if we find sharps (drug paraphanalia) in the grounds, a human pandemic policy as well as a what to do if a parent turns up under the influence (some of these things come from "ticking boxes" to meet quality assurance scheme demands :blink: :blink: :blink: and while they are "useful" to have I do wonder sometimes whether my MP has these sorts of policies in place for when they are holding their surgeries xDxDxD

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