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Handwashing outdoors

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When doing a recent Forest School taster I was amazed at a simple yet effective way to wash your hands outside. I remember my days of being a Girl Guide and using a bowl of filthy soapy water that everyone else had already washed their hands in - yuk!

I am sure all of you wonderful practitioners out there will say - "seen that, done it, got the t-shirt" but I thought it ingenious.

If anyone tries it let me know how you get on with it.How to provide running water to wash hands outdoors without the need for a tap.docx


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Hello Wildflower.

It was fun, but it also means you don't get a whole bottle of water poured in one go. The children would get the idea of quantity of water used to wash their hands as they pour it out for a friend!

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no I have not seen this, really like it , we use wipes at forest school, not great for really muddy hands so will be looking at this

thank you

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There are also Solar Showers, good for camping. They are basically black rubbery bags with a nozzle. Fill with water, put in sun to heat up, turn on tap. Google Solar Showers. also look in camping shops for good outdoor equipment.

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I think we are talking about 'Tippy tap's' - they are really good for outdoor hygiene - and possibly even more valuable for children to learn about water conservation and sustainable development.

Tippy Taps are really cool.

OMEP have some good resources you can download from here


Their Tippy Tap project started with this


- the follow-up

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