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Names for Areas in your EYFS classroom


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Hi all,

I was wondering whether I could ask you all for your creative opinions and ideas?

I am setting up my nursery classroom for September in my new school (been in early years for 9 years and teaching for 12 and just moved to a leadership role in a new school so lots of change!) and I was wondering if anyone had any exciting names for the areas in their classroom?

My son's reception class had a 'creation station' for their creative/art area and I was wondering if anyone had any other exciting and more original ideas for names rather than the 'construction area' or 'writing corner' etc.

Not to worry if you don't I just thought I'd ask!

Thanks :)

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Guest youngrisers

Have you look online as I am sure there are some amazing names. I love the imagination corner aka dressing up and role play and mind mapping area aka books and reading corner. we make this comfortable with books of all shapes, and sizes to encourage early reading and looking at other words, pictures and letters. love the various canopies available now too from a certain large store with four large letters(you know who we mean)!!!!

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