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So...what makes you an OUTSTANDING manager?

Guest Nuby

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Couldn't say.................i require improvement apparantly :(

We all require improvement. But it's horrible being told that when it's for a reason which isn't justified. Keep fighting your corner.

Sorry to hijack your thread Nuby, I'll have a think.

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I wasn't interviewed for my job I fell into it, took role of manager 8 years ago


But my answer would be...... 'To be an inspirational leader, inspiring and leading others to succeed, grow and be the very best they can be'

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I would say that genuinely caring about your children, families and staff and genuinely going out of your way to give that little bit extra, paying for funding for a child who really needs it but whose parents wont support referrals, changing a child's nursery day because mummy can get a day off on a nursery day to spend with her baby but doesn't want to lose a nursery day, answering daily emails from the mummy with anxiety and depression who is worried about whether or not to label her child's snack pot.. her child having a snack at a time when no other child is having one.. what type of sun cream we use... should she bring a water bottle... is he wearing his sunhat...did we change his t-shirt because he was saying the label was itchy.. and answering them all sensitively because you know she is having a very hard time accepting that her child is at pre school now, those are things I'm sure we all do and do them with pleasure because they are all for our children, but what do I know? Ofsted said I'm inadequate :(

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Being a manager of an outstanding setting does not mean you stand still you reflect, you are constantly reviewing, looking, motivating your staff and yes it is about the children but my staff take care of them I take care of my staff, I make sure my staff are doing their job I am a role model for them, I lead, guide, nurture my staff whom without we could not do what we do for the children that use the setting


I help hold the team together, I support, I give confidence to them, I encourage


I don't always get it right (my girls tell me) but being outstanding isn't about being right it's about knowing when it's wrong and how to put it right

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Why than you lillybeth


It is so much more but can't put it all into words.


We have all worked hard for our outstanding, I like to be challenged and have a project, my wonderful staff have been on many projects

From well being and involvement to ECAT to ICAN to working with schools, artists and forest school


To working out where another piece of community plaything furniture will fit in to our cupboard(pack away)!


I love this job with all that it entails

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