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Planning for 2-4 year olds


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Hi there,

I currently teach reception and am soon to be moving to a private nursery role. I have been asked to formulate a new planning format ready for September but without seeing what is already in use this is proving quite tricky. I am worried that as a teacher of a large reception unit I am over complicating the planning and making it too detailed and not allowing enough flexibility in terms of responding to children's interests on an immediate basis.

I just wanted to know how you guys plan for your 2-4 year olds, how many adult led activities do you do per week etc? Does each key worker have their own plan for their children or is it done per room? We are quite a small setting so I was thinking per room and leaving space for individual children's interests and next steps?

I hope this makes sense! Thank you in advance for help and suggestions! :-)

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We plan individually each key person has approx 5-6 children each.


We only do I adult led per session which children can access if they choose

All children join in welcome time and story time which is also adult led with child input


We are very much a child initiated and led setting with staff adding provocations and conversations as appropriate

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