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My main points on this:

There are no changes to the Learning and development elements of the statutory framework including the assessment part, which only has minor wording changes.

The educational programmes for all children in EYFS remain the same - these are found on page 5 of the current framework doc. These underpin the curriculum we should offer all children and link directly to the outcomes at age 5 (ELGs)

Development matters and Early years outcomes docs are non statutory guidance. They are not in fact the curriculum but are (as they always were) intended for use in assessment and give an overview of the types of things a child is doing at different stages of development.

As the characteristics of effective learning are in the statutory framework and are a specific element of the EYFSP they remain a required element of teaching and learning in the EYFS.

Whilst there are several elements in the Safeguarding and welfare requirements which may have been deleted, some do in fact exist in other legislation, so e.g. removing the requirement for a non smoking policy doesn't in fact remove the requirement around smoking in a workplace etc. This is the DfE's way of saying "we don't have to tell you everything, you're professionals and should know this anyway". This does reflect the situation in schools where a lot of other legislation guides what happens in EYFS classes but was never in the EYFS framework, such as the school teachers pay and conditions legislation.


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