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How do you score a child in your EYFSP submissions when you have recorded them as ELG +?

Is it like this:

  • No score = A
  • ELG - emerging = 1
  • ELG - expected = 2
  • ELG - exceeding = 3
  • ELG+ = 4
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We score as follows, based upon O-Track bands;

Emerging -1(anywhere on ages and stages and beginning ELG)

Expected -2 (Developing ELG)

Exceeded -3 (Secure ELG and exceeding)

We don't do a 4 score, I'm hoping we are doing it correctly! We have had LA moderated this year and passed.

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Hi Steve I have emailed you a query about this too and I think jocrow may have helped me to understand how the emerging developing secure from Tapestry may fit in with the 1, 2 and 3 scores of LA submission. ELG+ has confused us slightly!!

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Ok, that's fine thanks chaps. Just slightly confused by the terminology as someone who doesn't have much to do with EYFSP submissions. We were recently asked to have ELG+ as an extra assessment criterion in Tapestry, but I didn't know how to map it onto the scores that get submitted as the EYFSP. I guess if someone assesses someone as ELG+, then that is effectively 'exceeding' and therefore scores as a 3 then.

Unless I'm still misunderstanding, which wouldn't be unheard of... :ph34r:

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I can see how you might want it as an extra box to fill in on a tracking sheet, as this would help to show progress: much in the same way you give 1 for emerging but that doesn't really tell you anything, you need the ages and stages band to give it meaning. Does that help or have I confused you?!

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Thanks both, that's fine. There are different uses for ELG plusses I guess, which confuses me a little. When you're making an individual observation and would like to have access to the statements describing the sorts of activities that could be classed as exceeding the ELGs, it's useful to be able to see those suggestions, and this is why (the immediate reason for thinking about this is Tapestry) people have asked us to list ELG plus as a separate judgement.

But if you're using refinements generally with your assessments, and want to assess someone as 'exceeding' in the ELGs, effectively you're suggesting they are ELG plus anyway aren't you?

I don't know how rigid or formally defined these things are, so it's entirely possible I'm missing the point. And Helen isn't around at the moment to explain it in words of one syllable. :1b

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It's the statutory use of the ELG as solely a summative judgement that confuses. The ELG isn't a developmental stage; they are national assessment criteria which link directly out of the educational programmes (on page 5 of stat framework) and as such have a yes/no outcome. Is a child best fitting the ELG or not? To try to use them developmentally as formative assessment/tracking assessment creates a mixed use which in my opinion creates confusion.

Exceeding the ELG would put you somewhere in the National curriculum assessment system. So you would have to assess and say the child is a level 1a,b,c ,2a,b,c etc to link that to your planning for formative purposes.(Although that is now changing in Sept!)

Exceeding is the statutory outcome for a child who is working beyond the ELG.


In maybe more syllables than Helen might use!!

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