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We have just got back from a briefing on the changes to the SEN legislation.

It was mostly aimed at schools but the Early Years settings were invited so we went.

We were told various things but one of them was that we have to make public statements to parents about the SEN services that we offer.

Happy to do that but no idea how to really. Do any Early Years settings already do this and do you have a template for us to have a look at.

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Our local family information service have contact us ( in Gloucestershire) and we completed a questionnaire / audit, this info is then made available to the public via their website.

We are also planning to add some info to our Facebook and website.

Not sure what else we will do yet- or what changes there are to the new framework - as all my local training is oversubscribed and I can't get a place !

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our local authority ( West Sussex County Council) has now said that every setting and service provider who has users from 0-25 years has to publish a "local offer" which I have written and put on our website, its a document that states exactly what your setting offers parents with children with send needs....please feel free to have a look at it ...its on a drop down on the right hand side under "more"



i went to our local briefing session a couple of weeks ago.

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maybe ask your senco for a template ..our lea are doing one but the only one i have is for another setting so far (which we pinched!!!) You will need to do a statement but it could be in a table format which would mean a little less writing than the lovely one above (thanks twinthing) so you would have something like facilities for the disabled (tick) access to garden (tick ) etc etc as soon as i get something we can use i'll post !

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our guidance said we should use the questions and answer format but you could use bullet points, I know mine is rather wordy but that's me lol we have had to collaborate with parents to ensure its an accurate description from a parents point of view.

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