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I have a member of staff who likes to pass on things said by other members of staff. For example that they are not happy with their position at work or the level of their wages.

She does this in a being honest, sharing important information sort of way but it always comes across as gossiping and talking behind people's backs.

I have tried to be upfront and open about it and not be drawn into keeping secrets about people and it has been very clear on occasions that the other staff do not appreciate it but yet it keeps happening. I have said it is up to the other staff to come to me with their moans and I definitely will not act on second hand information as the manager.

Does anyone have a statement to send to all the staff making it clear that gossip about each other is not acceptable or any suggestion of what I can put down as the effect of people doing so?


Or failing that has anybody got a job in a garden centre that I can have?!!

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we also bring this up in our 1:1's - saying that if they are unhappy they need to speak to leads and if anyone starts gossiping/moaning to them they should direct the person to us too.

we had a horrendous year last year with a member of staff who caused so much upset and stirred so much, gossiping and whispering telling different staff different things, but when we spoke to her she denied to saying these things or that the staff member had changed what she actually said and they were just picking on herthis ended up splitting the staff into two groups - ones who believed all she said and others who didnt - luckily for us she decided to leave and after deep discussions with each member of staff individually things seem to have settled down but i would say sort it out quickly as it can esculate quickly

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Yes we share this at staff meetings when you have everybody there at the same time, no excuse for misinterpreting. But I know the odd grumble still goes on [ human nature I suppose] they also know that I will not tolerate anything that jeopardises the overall well being of our group.

So if its something that's bothering you come to me and share.

As the pre-school has grown to a large cohort so has the amount of employees, and I do think this also has an impact too.

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I also found that in my previous setting we didn't have these problems while there was a small team, but as we got larger these things started happening and staff started to complain about it.

We tried addressing it at a staff meeting but it nearly turned into a fight between some of the young girls.. so we started addressing this as it happened. Not gossiping was part of their job description so it was addressed on a 1:1 basis and then handled via the disciplinary procedure. Not nice but sometimes it is the only way to save the rest of the group. The 4 members of staff involved with it are now gone and everyone is actually happy.

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Personally, if someone came to me with 'information that you really need to know', I would tell them, short and simple, that I don't want to hear staff complaints from anyone other than the person who feels they have a genuine gripe. I had someone who did this to me behind my back at a previous setting and it caused all kinds of untold misery. She flat out lied and was listened to. Instead of coming to me, this pernicious liar got in and twisted her knife, which in part led to me resigning from a job I had held for 27 years. I am still bitter about it. She, in due course took the supervisors job ( 'reluctantly' ) and after a couple of years, when she had run it into the ground and most of the other staff had left ( oddly enough, she always gave the committee an 'it's her or me' ultimatum JUST as people gained qualifications that put them on an equal footing to her, or expressed interest in even higher ones), she was finally offered the chance to resign with dignity, or be sacked. She's moved on now..i do occasionally see her and she comes over to say hi, like she's my oldest, best mate.

So, my point really is unless you hear it from the staff member themselves ( and make sure they know they can come to you inconfidence themselves ), then tell others you don't wish to hear their 'well meaning' gossip

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