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Hi everyone, I'm interested to know about the different types of observations most often used by practitioners and in particular from those who work in playgroups, and nurseries. Some examples would be great too. Thank you

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To name a few!


Long observations - i.e. watching for 5 o 20 minutes. Sometimes writing at the same time but at other times watching and writing the observation later. This is sometimes useful as it makes the practitioner really focus on details as they are not distracted by writing. This often also leads to greater consideration of the child's emotions

Instant observations - when the practitioner spots a child doing something new

Tracking - watching where the child goes using a plan for the play area (indoors and out) - used to spot particular interests and dislikes

Time observations - where the practitioner records every 5 minutes where a child is playing - useful to watch for interests and dislikes over a longer period

Group Time observations - looking every 10 minutes or so, using a plan of the setting and placing a mark to show how many children are playing in a particular area at any one time


Overall room observations - for 30 minutes or so to gain an overall view of the room management, activities children are involved in etc.

Individual staff observations of an adult led activity - leading to a discussion of ways in which the member of staff can develop their practice

Interaction observations - ECaT observation format is useful for this

Observations of routines - e.g nappy change / snack - to ensure procedures are followed


Was that the sort of thing you are after?

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