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Registration visit - space?


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Hi lovely people,

I have my registration visit this week and am just making sure I've got all the 't's crossed and 'i's dotted. Have been working through the ofsted 'Preparing for your registration visit' booklet and one of the questions asks 'how will you make sure you meet the space requirements?' - my understanding was that ofsted don't now give a set number of children you can be registered for? (At the settling which I've taken over it was previously 28, but the previous owner had a letter saying that there was no longer a set number) So does the space requirement simply mean the guidance that 2s have 2.5 square metres and 3s/4s/5s have 2.3?

Don't worry I'm not planning to try cramming loads of children in! I just want to make sure I'm covered for all the questions and that I'm understanding it all correctly!

Any other tips on the registration visit would be most welcome - thank you!


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Ours measured our baby room and toddler room. They didn't bother with the pre-school room as it is very big so it was obvious for the number of children we were planning to have, that there was enough space. Our inspector was very precise in her measuring, making sure she didn't include storage space etc. (the place was an empty shell at the time, so she had to check where cupboards would be etc.

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Thanks all, she didn't measure up but did ask if I had checked! MarshaD, yes there were a lot of safeguarding questions, and she asked me to talk her through step by step how I would recruit new staff. Also looked at complaints policy and administration of medicines. Then lots of q's about learning and development and how I might differentiate an activity for the different ages. She said she was recommending me for registration, so all being well at QA I'll be registered! Good luck with yours! :)

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