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Hello ,


I am looking to support the practitioners in our baby room with providing activities for babies with English as an Additional Language. Has anybody got any ideas and want to share what they do with their babies.

Currently we are looking at doing atleast 1 EAL observation a month on all EAL children within our setting, however, the practitioners in the baby room are struggling, how do you think they could get this one observation.

Also.....how does everyone support children with EAL in their settings? We do a number of things but I feel we could do so much more. We care for children from babies to pre-school children.


Thank you



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I may not have fully understood your question about babies with EAL. I am a little puzzled as you are presumably working to develop communication and language for all the babies, so I am not sure there would be a difference????

I also wonder if you could clarify what an 'EAL observation' is?

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