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changing a childs key worker


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I have a member of staff in my toddler room who has a rather obsessive key worker relationship with one of her key children. She has spoilt her since she started in september, and gives her the most attention and ignores her other key children who are unsettled.

I have recently had another member of staff and a few students mention things about how she acts when im not in the room (i am room leader), she has been dragging this child back to cuddle and kiss when the child wants to go and play, the child has recently started being aggresive towards other children and when she gets told no etc by her key person, she just laughs and continues hitting and biting, she generally plays up and throws alot of tantrums because she can get away with it with her key person.

I am thinking of making her my key child as we have a pretty good bond and i want to help her needs, has anyone got any advice on how i could try to reslove it or should i just take over?

the member of staff has been told about her behaviour a few times but carries on when a senior member of staff is not around.

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Sorry if I am being over the top but the fact you have said the staff member pulls the child back for kisses and cuddles when they are trying to go and play does kind of set alarm bells ringing for me........

Do you think the room dynamics would work if you just changed key person? I don't know what your setting is like but would it be more appropriate and possibly easier for those involved - and also when explaining the key person change to parents - to move the member of staff to another room?

Sorry I've never had anything like this so have never thought about it before but also if the member of staff has been spoken to about her behaviour but is carrying on should you also be instigating your disciplinary procedure?

Good luck, it doesn't sound like a nice situation to be in :(

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In my opinion this is a safeguarding issue and should be treated as one. The practitioner should in no way be 'forcing' the child to do anything. Not only is the pactitioner on extremely dangerous grounds so are all the staff around that are not stepping in and stopping this from happening.

Have you reported this to the manager? What was their response?

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