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Informing the local HPU - how many is "a large number"


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Some of the children are suffering form Hand, foot and mouth at the setting. Last week we had 2 confirmed cases and 2 who the doctors have said they might have it, I had a phone call from 2 more parents today saying they think their child has it and described the symptoms etc.


Our infectious diseases info says to inform the local HPU if a large number of children are affected - how would you define a large number? we have roughly 60 children so with 6 children having it that is 10% so I'm thinking maybe I should??

Has anyone done this before and can tell me what happens after informing them?

We spent all Friday sterilising toys and equipment, we have always had hand sanitizer and obviously lots of washing hands. If a toy goes in a child's mouth it immediately gets taken and put in milton.

We are excluding children for 5 days from the onset of the rash as well so we are really doing everything we can to minimise it spreading....

Unbelievably a dr told one of the parents to bring their child straight back so everyone could get it at the same time! I can sort of see why he would say that (although not sure I agree with his reasons) but what about if all the staff get it too then we have to let parents down by shutting the setting??

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When we had lots with sickness and diarrhoea we phoned and they said we could expect upto 75% (we were nowhere near that!!!) I would give them a ring anyway they have always been very approachable! Staff shouldn't really get it as not common in people over 10 ish as you build up an immunity as you generally only get it once so I wouldn't worry too much about that, we've had lots of children in the past with it and never had a staff member get it thankfully!

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We also have this outbreak at the moment. We were advised that no children needed to be excluded as it is infectious before it appears and for up to 7 weeks !!

We have not informed HPU as small numbers.

We have decided to exclude based on the advice from our local HPU which states "All cases should stay away from playgroup, school or work - until they are quite well and the blisters are healed and no longer weeping fluid."

None of the parents have questioned this decision and most have said they are glad of it - especially coming up to the Easter holidays etc. To be honest though the children who have had it aren't well enough to have come in anyway.

I've attached the leaflet we were given just incase it is of any use :)


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