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At our last staff meeting it was decided to introduce a staff rota as this appeared to be a fair way for....

All staff to get a chance to work with each other

Clear guidance as to who would be inside or outside

Carrying out snack time

Circle time at the end of the session etc


Would anybody be able to share their rota so I have a starting point!



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I haven't got a copy and as tomorrow is my first day in the setting I'll have to guess, but I believe the rota includes, packing away, snack, meet and greet, mats. The rota runs for a week and then changes. :)

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We do our rota daily, we started by making a list of jobs that we thought were not fair to be left to the same person all the time.


Daily Risk Assessment

Meet & Greet

Adult Focus

Registration/morning mat time

Manning messy play area

preparing snack

manning snack

Story time

Can't think of what else, there are lots of other things that are just relevant to us eg we have to clean the toilets & re-arrange furniture for the next users!

I don't put outdoor play on a rota as luckily my lot tend to go out if their key children go out. It has to be changed each term almost as there always seems to be a new child that needs extra support when you should be in the kitchen!

We also have a washing rota - if it's your day in the kitchen then its your day to take the washing and also we have a 1/2 termly rota of doing the shopping.

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Hi we have a 7 week rota broken down into sessions am/pm. We have two people on self-register and book club, these two people will then run the story-time/song-time at the end of the session.We have one person on art/creative area, and one person on kitchen, all other staff are spread out throughout our room.

Depending how may sessions the staff work each week will determine how many times a half-term they do it.

This seemed the fairest way to do it.

All other roles and responsibilities are divided up at the beginning of an academic year and will be that persons duty for the year.

So shopper, washing items, library books, art resources, art gallery, role play resources including linked posters etc,playdough maker with the children, ict, health & safety.

Daily risk assessments are completed by the person in charge for that day as well totalling of staff registers,childrens registers.

Crumbs is not till you write it down, you realise how much we all do.

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