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Behaviour.....Where to go next.


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I have a child attending at Preschool. He is 3yrs 9 mths and has been attending for just under a year. He has always been boisterous (ok that's polite) and very angry. Initially he had speech delay and we thought it was probably a communication issues and I could honestly say we had made good improvement leading up to the last summer hols.

THEN ....he returned in September with much improved speech but had lost any progress we had previously achieved and the physical behaviour and aggression was of great concern. Cut the story short but we are at the point now that children and staff are being hurt (bitten, pinched, shouted at, pushed, toys thrown, kicked....you name it.) After calling the HV and a home visit leading to 'Oh he's fine' I demanded she came to the setting. The NN came and said yes she can see our concerns. A few visits were made at home to help guide mum but mum doesn't see a problem. I have had the inclusion officer involved and have applied for additional funding more as a safeguarding procedure than anything. We have been putting the plan into place and have made an area inside for physical play but if anyone gets in his way, he flips, trashing anything and everything in sight. I have prioritised the things he needs to do with the Inclusion officer such as group time and lunch..

I understand that he has had a house move and baby and I am aware f the problems this can cause. When we say anything t mum she says he is fine at home and when she said he had been shouting abuse at us we were told that the learnt it at Preschool. We have seen him bite, scratch and pinch mum and tip babies push chair over. We have another visit from Inclusion officer soon. We make sure his favourite toys are out but its his way or everything goes flying.


More concerned for my staff at the moment. One had a huge bite on her arm, another scratches on her neck, today a cut lip from a flying brick. We are well over ratio's on staff.


So sorry had to just say help AAAAAARRRGGGGH. Oh and paediatrician says he's 'normal' its just behaviour!!!


Can't keep up with this child the majority of the time. Cherish the moments when he sits with me to read a story or play. No other developmental issues either.


Any ideas?


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I certainly feel for you, we have same problem at the moment :(

There's another thread running at the moment I think it's called 'biting policy' which has some great tips on it - sorry I can't do links but it was active yesterday so should be easy to find.



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