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Help, our bank has gone back to the dark ages!

Guest Spiral

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We have banked with Alliance and Leicester for years, then the acct has been taken over by Santander.


Just recently they have removed our ability to bank electronically and we have to go back to writing cheques and we can't change anything about our acct without a letter from all signatories!


Can anyone recommend a bank acct for a non for profit charity that allows electronic banking??

Thank you,


Spiral :-I

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Guest babyjane31

Hi Spiral


We also banked with alliance and Leicester and had this issue when santandar took over but have managed to overcome it.


Our treasurer sent them a letter signed by all signatories giving him permission to access the online banking system and he is now able to use it again exactly as before


hope that helps

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Hi Spiral, exactly the same has happened to us! We are able to use internet banking with Santander but they will not give us the facility to have a minimum of 2 signatories to authorise any online payments! e.g. any individual signatory could create and authorise online payments without the authorisation of a 2nd person. In order to protect our committee and as this goes against our Constitution and Charity Commission guidance our committee decided not to do it so we are back to issuing cheques which have to been signed by 2 people. We are currently in the process of transferring to Co-op bank who assure me as we are a registered charity we will have the facility to have a minimum of 2 signatories to authorise any internet payments. However, they can't give us the facility for a 3rd party such as an Administrator or Accountant to have the ability to create payments but not authorise! It's unbelievable that in this technological age things are moving backwards!!!

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