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Apprentice contracts ?

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Hi...after a month we finally interviewed a 20 year old lev 3 today...looks very promising,but her present employer sounds as if employing illegally.So i thought i would ask your advice...she is still an apprentice at her current setting,achieving her lev 2 and lev 3 within that setting ...working 7-5pm every day.......always responsible for opening the nursery every morning....but she has never had a contract at all.........do apprentices have a contract.....I am thinking they should...but her employer has more apprentices than qualified so perhaps did not bother.Would be interesting to see how the law stands.....

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just a question... you say she is level 3, gained her qualification but still employed as an apprentice?

In our setting they ceased being an apprentice once they had gained the qualification.. thought that was how it was supposed to work.. an apprentice is work experience and working towards a qualification.

We only ever had one apprentice at a time but they did nto have a contract with us.. we had one with the college though that may have changed now was a while ago.

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I have two apprentices at the moment - one of my apprentices has a level 2 qualification but is an apprentice for a level 3 qualification, the other is unqualified and on an apprenticeship for a level 2 qualification. Both have a contract (fixed term) as most apprentices are still employees with the same rights as non-apprentice employees. My apprentices also have an apprentice agreement which is also a requirement.

Lots of info about apprentices here:


and you could always point your interviewee in the direction of the NUS who also have apprentice info:


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I have a level 2 apprentice , has contract for duration of training as required . I did have another member of staff who left and undertook an apprenticeship for level 3 at a nursery , she was required to work long hours , overtime given and paid at better rate only to have it unpaid when her boss felt like it . So if she worked over 60 hours at minimum pay £2 . 65. The extra was supposed to be full rate but then she would be told she could have time off in lieu , she was taken advantage of and left . I find it disheartening that many places take on apprentices to exploit the cheap labour and expect them to take on too many key children and work load ,often with little support or contracts .

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