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Deputy stepping down


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Hi everyone,


I need some advice.

My deputy told me today that she would like to step down until the end of academic year due to personal reasons. She wants to stay employed and be a regular practitioner and key person until she sorts herself out (some serious family issues).

Of course I have to agree to it as I can tell she's not well. She has always struggled with her role and I have spent last 4 yrs trying to get her to be a deputy I want and need.

I think she will not resume the role but cannot asume that. There is anoter staff member who I think would be brilliant. My question is - do I have to tell my whole team that they can apply (not a permanent post!) or can I appoint an acting deputy until we know where we stand with existing one? When I know 100% she wont be back I will advertise properly and hold interviews etc.


What are your thoughts?





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Hmm, in the past I have appointed from within the team, I don't think you have to advertise and hold interviews unless you need another member of staff entirely. If this person you want has all the attributes you are looking for then ask her. Tell her it's temporary, and tell the staff you have appointed her in that capacity. You could try each of them in turn and give them a taste of it if you wanted - you may be surprised at hidden strengths.

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