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Looking for a good Officer in Charge


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Just some advice wanted really...


Our current officer in charge has left as she is moving to australia!


She has left pretty big shoes to fill as she was absolutely brilliant!


Any tips on how to find the right person or whether you'd use recruitment agencies?


I am the manager but we used to work hand in hand whereby she would make sure the day to day running was ok incl planning etc and im in charge of dealing with parents and financial side of things...


Im really worried im not going to find the right person! :(

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I was just wondering what an 'officer in charge' is too. Funny how we all have different terms for people who might do broadly similar jobs!

I wondered if it might be a pre-school supervisor - in charge of the daily running of the setting including managing other practitioners?

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Sorry ive taken so long to get back to this post! Basically she would be Deputy Manager :) But it's what you said HappyMaz, she would basically manage the practitioners and keep documents such as policies and procedures up to date!


Really she would be the helping hand. I am owner and manager at the moment- and doing the Deputy role too at the moment with LONG hours of 7.30- 6... I don't think i'll be able to do all of this much longer ;)

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is there anyone at your work place that would and could do the job? if not then i think you need to advertise - think about what you want the person to do - job description - questions you want to ask, do you want them to work for a bit with the other staff to see how they gel?

sometimes when you interview you just get a gut feeling about the RIGHT person for the job - one that wants what you want for the setting, you know will get along with you and the staff etc - i know this has happened to me at interviews - i just know that the person will fit in really well - and it is not always the one with the best qualifications etc., -GOOD LUCK X

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