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Quickie for a colleague ?


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A colleague had her Ofsted inspection today - Requires Improvement .....she's panicking that she will loose her 2 yr old funding ? I'm not sure ? she is in a different LA to me - she's South Glos? Any help may ease her worry for the weekend or at least help her prep for Monday phone calls ? Thank you

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Not sure, but in my neck of the woods, we would definately lose the 2 year funding. The child would have to move to a setting with a Good or above and the LA will pay the fares for the family to get there if necessary. I am sorry for your friend, this is a horrid scenario for her

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Surely it can't be right to move a child to a different setting just because they've had a dip in their Ofsted outcome? I can understand all future two year old funding being removed, until the setting is deemed 'good' again, but is it really the best thing for a child to be removed from a setting they are well settled in? What if the next setting they go to also has an unexpected Ofsted result? I have visions of very small children being moved from pillar to post before they're even three. :(

(so glad I don't have to make these decisions!).

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In the statutory guidance for the LAs (which you can find


it says

A3.5 Only fund two-year-old children in ‘satisfactory/requires improvement’ providers where there is not sufficient accessible ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ provision.

So much will depend on the sufficiency in the area. If there is a significant lack of 2 year places in the area, the LA may continue to fund a 2 year old in a RI setting. But as the LA is obliged to find sufficient places, this is probably not going to happen often and therefore in most cases, funding is likely to be removed.


We have known for some time that this would cause the type of headaches Maz mentions, the OFSTED gradings are getting tougher, with an increase in the number getting RI; LAs are being cut so there is less support due to OFSTED being the only arbiter of quality; and yet LAs still have to find places for two year olds and face the possibility of moving children around if successive settings get RI. All against a backdrop of doubling the number of eligible two year old funded places this September.

If there is one saving grace, (perhaps?), an RI settings needs only to wait a year for re inspection now and not what we have now which is potentially up to 5 years

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I am interested have any settings already had children removed and placed somewhere else because of this.

We have a setting in the area that was graded RI. We've had a couple of phone calls from parents wanting funded places for their 2's because they were told they could no longer attend their current setting due to Ofsted report.

Children were both settled, close to home (no travel costs) etc - seems cruel. Parents were happy with the setting


Yes, don't place any more - but to 'kick them out'? (However, I did just get the parents view, will be speaking to an advisor next week to see if true/make them aware parents are finding it difficult to re-place)


Added to this, funded places are like gold dust as we are all busy - potentially, they may not find another placement - doesn't this also contradict the purpose of the funding? Could they not 'risk assess' for those children and put plans in place for them (as they are already 'vulnerable')


And if LA's are having to fund travel costs - where is this money coming from - budgets are already overstretched and affecting the support settings receive (in order to 'pass' inspections) - settings will end up in a vicious circle


gosh...soap box dizziness being felt <climbs down>!

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