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Does anyone keep a dog at their setting? I am thinking about getting a Jack Russell, but I work very long hours so was thinking of bringing it to work with me (I am the owner and manager of a day nursery)

Now this of course takes a lot of thinking about and I wondered what others thought?

Do you think it is just a big no?

The plan was to build a run and kennel near our back door, with wire fence that you could see through but not get fingers through. Alternatively, we have a space in our garden that is fenced off and a run and kennel could be built there. It would still leave plenty of space for us.

The dog would never have unsupervised access to the children or vice versa.

I would of course have a separate risk assessment for the dog.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has done this and if there were difficulties. What did parents think? What did Ofsted think?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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I used to run my preschool in my own home and had 2 dogs and a cat and they stayed upstairs during the session but came down regularly to play and to be taken out for walks if needed. Ofsted were fine about it but it was while ago and they may have changed their thoughts but in theory if risk assessment has been carried out it should be no different from any other pet

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I've childminded with dogs. The dogs stayed apart from the children except in specifically planned situations. They had their own half of the house. It worked very well for me and the children loved them dearly. It helped one child who was very frightened of dogs.

Are you dead set on having a Jack Russell Terrier? There are other breeds whose temperament would probably be more appropriate. Our JRT can be nervous around little ones and guard his own space quite fiercely at times and I think this is quite common for the breed. I know some JRTs can be good around children but there are other breeds that are more likely to enjoy their company.

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