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One more sleep ?


I went to visit another setting, who had just gained outstanding. In their individual learning files, each child had a check list for the appropriate age group that was an A4 sheet with a cat drawn on it, inside the cat were all the stepping stones for the age group. Think 30/50 was an elephant.


I asked for a copy but it would seem the setting didn't want to share :(


So before I start making one does anyone have something like this they wouldn't mind sharing with me?


Merry Christmas?

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I think if you go down that route you need to consider who the piece of paper is for. Obviously it's for the practitioner and not the child so why do they feel the need to make it into a cat or an elephant? That seems like making work just for the sake of it. If you are wanting to check of the development statements once you feel they are secure, then surely just a list of the statements will be less time consuming to produce, and less 'twee'.

Back in the 'old days' we had similar things for the desirable learning outcomes, one stage was a flower and you coloured in petals on which was written a specific statement. We dropped it as soon as we could!

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Thanks guys.


My thought are the same as yours... We used to have a tick sheet which we dropped as soon as the EYFS changed.


My staff like the thought of a quick glance sheet - although they don't need it as they have been doing a fantastic job without one!

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