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Help for next week!


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Help me!!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week we have been moved out of our room and into the Year 6 classroom! Our room is being redecorated, we have been without an outdoor area and a 'wet' area for 2 weeks while some structural work was carried out, leaving us with a room about half the size of normal, which has been quite stressful on us and the children, and now (at least 15 years since last time-if ever since the place was built!) it is being repainted. This is great, but 3 days in Y6 is not ideal! We do at least have a door onto a playground, so can get out a little!

Any ideas??

We have nativity for 40 minutes (at the most) Monday last thing and first thing Tuesday. Wednesday is class party day!!

I've cleared the Y6 room by putting all the tables around the edge in a U shape, and kept a table set up in their 'wet' area for our Christmas craft. This obviously leaves a big space in the centre and another space to the other side, where I've set up a bit of a quiet area.

I feel like we will just be passing time and 'keeping them occupied' (as my head put it :o) and I know its nearly Christmas holidays but I can't help but think about their learning! I can't bring everything from the classroom so provision is limited!!

Just wondering really what you would do in this situation. I've had to reintroduce 'playtime' in the last two weeks because of our lack of free flow (and to keep our sanity in such a small space!), so will keep this until next term.

Any help form anyone wiser would be greatly appreciated, to be honest I'm quite stressed with school at the moment (whole other thread!!) so I'm probably making it worse in my head than it is!




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Hi Lucie,

I think I would be getting some blankets to put in the big space and have different types of activities on them, for example some sort of construction, small world, maths etc. depending on how much space you have got will depend how many activities you go for. Could you use some of the bigger year 6 tables to make a den? Put torches in it with sparkly things to find.

Sorry not sure that is much help. I guess I would try to make it as exciting/interesting as possible.


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Sounds like fun....sure the children will just love the adventure of it all.....but out of interest where are year 6 ? And have you checked to see if any vacant hall sessions that you could get them in to for large physical play if classroom space a bit limited :)


And you can assess how well they cope with the change to routine/environment ....another DM statement observed.

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I feel your pain. I once had to teach in a section of the school hall for 3 weeks while my classroom was being re-wired, re-ceilinged and re-painted! I second all the above suggestions. We also used PE mats to help zone off different areas and spread out a large shower curtain with some old towels so we could have some water or sand out in there. We went out to the school playground as much as we could (i.e. whenever it wasn't playtime or another class's scheduled PE lesson.

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Yes we will be getting into the hall whenever possible, but with nativities and Christmas parties it's a bit harder this week. Y6 are a small class and are using a group work room and the ict suite which is next door to it. Thank goodness for a kind and considerate y6 teacher who is early years trained so feels my pain!

Thanks everyone

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