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Where oh where do you does problem solving (not mathematical) come in DM statements. Crital thinking/problem solving isn't really covered anymore except as CoEL.

Observed a little girl today roll a tyre round the garden to a larger one, use it to stand on larger one. Cyldn't manage it, adjsted the smaller tyre, then went to get a tyre to get on top of it, and managed to climb onto larger tyre. APart frm physical aspect, what other DM statement can I get in my obsv.


Next steps: Any ideas.... showing others how she did it? as it was solitary play. Finding other climbing challenges or ways of moving over/round obstacles?



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But is this not a mathematical observation? this child has understood the height of an object and has used her knowledge to increase the height in order to acheive her goal. This is shape space and measure...she is measuring the depth and adjusting to fit. There are also handiling elements to this...knowing how to roll a tyre (too HEAVY!) "i cant pick it up so how am i going to move it??? creativity in terms of thought process too!

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