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Hi All


Looking for a little advice, if you do NOT have an up to date First Aid qualification and a child sitting near you was hit on the head with a heavy object causing a bump to their head would you be qualified to fill in an accident form or indeed an incident form for the other child?

A member of staff is insisting because they do not have an up to date (within last 3 years) paediatric first aid qualification they can not fill in an accident form.

Has any one else come across this and what are your thoughts please?



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a few ifs.. here


what did the member of staff do when the incident happened... call the first aid qualified staff to deal with the incident.. or deal with it herself...


Our staff would have filled in the forms/book and as part of their action state they called xxx first aider to deal with it.. and the first aider would then add what additional treatment they had given..


Incident forms would be filled in by whoever was there at the time.. it was something that happened that they saw or dealt with so no need for first aid qualification to write it up.. our staff would also have someone witness it if they could... but not always possible- there was no reason not to complete the paperwork..

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If they do not have an in date cert, they should not. Do first aid, if you have any come back they would not be covered .

Our forms are not just incident forms but forms which include first aid treatment , the person completing the form should be the person who administered the first aid as it asks what treatment was given. If your form is asking what happened, what led to the accident then any witness could complete this and the first aider complete their part

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