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Time to rhyme!


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The game / song sang to the rhyme pop goes the weasel

We're making lots of silly soup

we're making soup that's silly

we're going to put in the fridge to make it nice and chilly.

In goes a dog ..

sing song

and a frog...

Sing song

and a log,


sat in a circle have lots of rhyming word objects. frog, dog, log, mixing bowl and a spoon ask children to put it in and give a stir, fun rhyming. Then you can just change the rhyming :words.

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We play silly soup too and we feed the robot that we made with rhyming words and when the are ready we feed the robot with cvc objects. We have also had nursery rhymes and sung those inviting the children to think of the rhyming word and see how many words they can make into a string we don't insist they are real words - they just have to sound like each other, so hickory dickory dock (we emphasise dock), the mouse ran up the ?...


Can be a bit early on for some of these games though so lots of singing and stories as Sunnyday says at the moment and when anything rhymes or starts with the same sound we point it out and make a fuss.

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