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Science and the 3 bears


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New to this so hope this is the way to do things!!

Our whole school focus is science this year and this term we are focusing on encouraging the children to ask questions.

My current topic with my Reception is Goldilocks and the 3 bears. I've gathered lots of ideas for different areas but I'm struggling with ideas for science.

I'm going to have a feely box- soft/hard materials. We will be making porridge - noting changes, tasting.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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Guest tinkerbell

Get the children to bring a bear in for the day and do lots of comparing and sorting

eg heaviest/lightest...using balance

Tallest/shortest,.....put them in order

fattest /thinnest you could use wool to measure round their tummies and stick the findings down on a piece of paper.

sort by colour

write down the children's ideas as to what makes a good teddy bear,make a huge collaged bear and stick their ideas on the bear ,it could be the centre of a display and all their findings could be displayed around it ...photos etc.

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