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Time off sick..how often is too often ?


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We have a member of staff who seems to be having alot of time off - either they are ill, or one of their 2 children are ill. I am now keeping a log ( 2 days off so far, we've only been back 3 days. I know I sound awful, but I have a feeling not all her time off sick is genuine.

Im not sure What an acceptable level of absence due to sickness would be ? Other members of staff and some of the management team have also begun to question it.

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We used to have to complete a self certification form for all illness up to the 7 days.. even 1 day off we had to do a form for the employment records... we used the one from HMRC, used to be able to download them and keep them in the setting.. after 7 days it was the doctors certificate needed.


In addition we did tend to ask staff to make up the hours by doing some of the hours of the person who covered for them.. this only did not work if they were full time..


No pay for days sick except SSP did not deter anyone mostly because the pay is so poor anyway it is not a lot to loose

many companies have a maximum number of says sickness allowed in a year , husbands is 12 before they start asking for doctors reports on health and reviewing the ability to do the job..This is done on discretion though taking each case individually... depending on the reasons for days off..

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Not have any problem with my staff but in my other job u are only allowed 2 absence periods in a rolling year. The 3rd would start you on a disciplinary route leading to written warnings and dismissal.


We can take unpaid absence but this is also monitored and approved of. There is also unauthorised absence which would take you down the disciplinary route

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Like lots of others I have return to work forms which help "open discussions" about amount of time off sick etc.


Most of my staff work part time and therefore the earnings are under the SSP threshold.


As has been said by others in sectors outside childcare it seems a bit tougher - When my daughter worked for a well known high street chemist (as a Saturday girl aged 16) if you were off sick for a second time within 6 months you got a disciplinary with a verbal warning!!

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