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Hi everyone,

I currently manage a Pre-school but have been wanting to do childminding for a while now. I was wondering if you could register yourself as a childminder if you did not live on the premise you would be running from? I was hoping to buy a separate house that I would solely use to childmind from so that I didn't have to make changes to my home. If anyone has any advise as to wether this could be done would be greatly appreciated!!

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Welcome. A really good idea. I've been thinking the same thing but don't have the resources. I'd buy in a deprived area. Cheaper houses and funded two year olds. I'd consider just doing two year olds actually. Anyway, doesn't help you with the legalities. I;ve recently seen a set up that might interest you though. It's called Independent Child Minders - Social Enterprise. Couldn't quite get my head around it. Sells itself as a professional body like Pacey or Morton Michell, but works through 'play groups' whereby groups of childminders work co-operatively in sessions. Parents can meet childminders at work.


Anyway, Best of luck and I look forward to finding out what other people have to say and what else you find out.


Please introduce yourself in the Introductions forum and all the Moderators will be out to welcome you.



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Hi Samantha - welcome to the forum

To do what you are proposing you would register as a childcare provider on non-domestic premises


A person who is registered to look after one or more children to whom they are not related on domestic premises for reward.2, 3

Childcare providers on domestic premises

People who provide care on domestic premises with at least three other people.

The difference between childminding and childcare on domestic premises is the number of people involved. If four or more people look after children at any time, they are providing childcare on domestic premises, not childminding.

Childcare providers on non-domestic premises

Registered providers that care for children on premises that are not someone’s home.

These premises can range from converted houses to purpose-built nurseries and are usually known as day nurseries, private nursery schools, pre-schools and before and after school clubs for children in the early years age group.

Hope that helps

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