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This is my first post (of many I imagine!) I have worked in my school for three years now, last year I covered ppa having come back from 4 months maternity leave. I was in nursery for 4 weeks but other than those few weeks I have zero nursery experience. This year I am running the nursery, I am responsible for potentially 78 children and two nursery nurses and a TA. My issue is...well everything, the planning, the daily routine, the management of the huge space. I constantly doubt myself as my nursery nurses have 30 years experience between them. My head teacher appears to be confident in me and she is very supportive but I am so confused.i have read the eyfs documentation and I am aware of the learning areas, goals and characteristics of learning. I just can't get rid of my own self doubt.

What makes a good carpet session, how long should a carpet session be? How can I get my staff to follow instructions when they know as well as I do that they are better at this than me?

I am struggling...overwhelmed and scared for these children's learning!

Thanks for any advice at all!

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Hi, well the school must have seen something in you to give you this fantastic role, so I'm sure your more than capable.

Don't see the other staff as more experienced than you, but as an integral part of your team. Use this as an asset to your nursery and you and I'm sure all will be fine.

As for the carpet question unfortunately we are Pre-school so can't really answer that one.

However we do have a story time, news, song time which lasts approximately 20minutes.

Remember how ever qualified you are there is always still so much to learn.

Good luck, keep us posted on how its all going. :)Fx

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I would make the carpet time short and sweet to start, building up as you go, to suit the children's needs!


I think in these early days you need to perhaps let your experienced staff show you how things are usually run, so that when you're familiar with them and the routine you can, if you need to alter things!!


It's tricky being the newbie, but just remember we were all new once upon a time!


Welcome to the forum by the way!!



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Hi, Hope you're getting on well in your new role!! I've found myself in the same position as you and feeling very overwhelmed. My problem is that I cant follow what's already in place as its been deemed unsatisfactory. So I need to develop daily routines, new planning formats etc (with only very limited experience myself). I have various sessions running...morning, afternoon, 2.5 beginning of week and 2.5 end of week. Does this seem familiar? Thanks

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