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New to the job....help with planning stay and play and messy play in C


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I am starting a new role as CC qualified teacher.


Can anyone help me with planning?


I will not see the same children every week. How and how much do I record of what I observe? Do I plan the next session from what happened at the previous one? I hope so. What use do I make of Development Matters?


I need to offer guidance and planning help to child minders and other local per school providers; all my previous experience has been with school aged FS 1 and FS2 children.


If anyone has any paperwork which would help me I would be very grateful.


Thanks a lot.

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If you have been working with FS1, will this not be the same age group at the CC? Or maybe younger - babies and toddlers? If you look in the resources section of the forum you will find loads (and loads and loads) of planning ideas.


Will it be different children all the time? If so, I can't see planning one session from the previous one working (although that's often what we do).

Sorry, don't feel I've been much help, but someone else will I'm sure. :1b

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Hi Londongirl and a very warm welcome to the forum! :1b


Not sure that I can be of much help - no real experience of the role........


Sensory experiences came to mind - have a look at 'the imagination tree' site - some super ideas on there! :1b


If you have a read through some recent threads on here you will see that DMs seem to be 'falling out of favour' - would it be more practicable to use the Characteristics of Effective learning - especially as you will not be seeing the same children regularly?


I might be coming at this from the completely the wrong angle - please feel free to ignore me if that's the case!!! :D


Wishing you lots of luck in your new role! :1b

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