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Hi this is the first time i have used the forum and i hope someone out there can help me and possibly give me some advice. I recently had my food hygiene ispection and the result was that i will not be able to serve any cooked meals on the premises due to my downstairs toilet opening onto the kitchen. Is there anything i can do about this because i think this is going to stop me getting customers i would of if i could serve the meals. I rent the property so knocking down walls is not an option. Any ideas welcome please and thanks in advance.

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Hi Laura,


Assuming you are a childminder? I do believe that Inge is right - I have seen the house of an Architect who has her loo off the kitchen which I queried - she said it was fine now. But that doesn't solve your problem if your inspector still says 'no'.


You can still serve food but not prepare it for the children. You can always serve meals (packed lunches etc) that parents take responsibility for. You may be able to charge a little less per hour than other childminders so could gain a business that way. You would have to show that you can keep food safely. When I had my own children at home I said 'no' to packed lunches when one parent kept packing things that I didn't want my children to know existed, but now that they're at school I'd love not to be responsible for meals. Sooo much easier. You could also investigate buying meals in that only need re-heating. I wonder if there are any ready meals that are healthy enough for childminders to serve? Now I'm thinking about those ones that Ronnie Corbett advertises for the elderly. Low salt, low sugar small portions, cost controlled - might be perfect.


Don't lose heart,



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Thanks so much for the advice guys, I knew about the 2 door rule but wasn't sure if there might be another way around it or maybe a loop hole. Great advice on the healthy child friendly meals I will look that up now and keep you updated. Thanks again.

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